Dubious Ideas features critical essays on all aspects of pop culture – highbrow, middlebrow, lowbrow, and all the blended regions in-between.

Whether it’s videogames, comics, TV, movies, novels, or music, we aim to stand slightly to the side of the daily culture news cycle, whether that’s by drawing attention to forgotten gems, introducing all-new creators, or just going in deep on current favourites to – hopefully! – investigate some new angles.

At the moment, we’re not planning to do straight-up reviews – if we’re going to spend the amount of time it takes to do one of these serialised pieces, it’s going to be on something that particular contributor likes – or at least something they are obsessed by.

We’re also approaching our pieces in the spirit of positivity – it’s more fun to introduce someone to something new, or to tease out something new from a favourite book, game or movie, than it is to tear something awful apart.

And, honestly, life’s too short to hate-watch things anymore!

If you have any thoughts on any of the pieces published on the site, or just want to say hello, please drop us a line at dubiousideas [at] gmail [dot] com.

Similarly, if you’d be interested in contributing a piece – and we’re open to popculture criticism, prose, photography, webcomics, and more – please do get in touch.

We’re very much just starting out, so please excuse the mess and infrequency as we get up and running!